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Youth workshops

Theme: “The Elements Of Right Living”

The youth are very intelligent and have a plenty of energy. But many do not have the right direction, no purpose to live for. Energy coupled with intelligence without direction and purpose can be detrimental. Many youth want independence and freedom but do not have the wisdom and maturity to handle the freedom. Many are at a loss. Often they find sensual avenues to seek instant pleasures. They are unable to withstand the temptations. Unable to handle the emotional challenges and stress that life throws at them. The youth workshop is designed to address some of the burning issues in the life of youth.

Key Topics:

  • Self Development and Self Mastery
  • Emotional Intelligence and Mastery
  • Leadership Skills
  • Spiritual Laws of Success
  • Self Motivation
  • The Power of Positive Mental Attitude
  • Fundamental Values of Life
  • Making discipline the way of life
  • Finding one’s purpose in life
  • Setting and pursuing a goal
  • Basis of choosing one’s career


The workshop is delivered in a very informal yet disciplined atmosphere interlaced with thought provoking exercises, motivational games, group discussions on relevant themes and team exercises.


At the end of successful completion of the four week-end course Certificate of Attendance will be awarded.