This is an era of intellectual giants but spiritual dwarfs, people who know more about lunar landscapes than their own inner geographies. Human beings have explored the external world explicitly, but have neglected the world within. To live happily one needs to be an artist of life and a technocrat of one’s personality. One needs to master the science of the soul. Vedanta is the time tested wisdom enshrined in Upanishads and the Bhagavad Geeta, Ramayana and other world scriptures. It educates humanity one on the art and technique of life and living.

The technology has improved tremendously to enhance our comforts, but happiness seems to be plunging alarmingly. With all the success and glory you still find people struggling with an inner thirst for fulfillment, a hunger for personal congruency. Stress is believed to be the natural corollary of success, power, position, pelf, prestige of twenty-first century life. In fact, mental pressure is so much with us that we smugly condone it. Probably, what one is looking for in life is a formula, to handle life and its challenges effectively. Vedanta provides you the formula to unravel this mystery.

The public discourses delivered by Angajan on Vedanta focuses on the art and technique of life and living. He guides you through a journey within.