The Philosophy

Vedanta is the laws and principles of life and living envisioned by the Rishis, the ancient spiritual visionaries of the East. It is the time tested philosophy that awakens you to the true wealth, the inner wealth. It unveils the enormous potential that is dormant in you. It is a philosophy that reveals to you how you can transform your life by transforming your inner self, your thoughts. Ultimately the knowledge of Vedanta reveals your real Self, the Divinity within.

It educates you on the art and technique of life and living. It is the science that imbues you with wisdom to combine great aspiration, dynamic action together with mental peace and fulfillment. It develops and prepares the individual to meet the persistent challenges the world throws at you. Empowers you with technique, instills in you the attitude and mental temperament that is required to maintain the serenity and courage to face the adversity and challenges finally emerge victorious in any field of endeavour