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Parenting Workshops

Workshop For Parents

Theme: “Parents! Vaccinate Your Child’s Mind”

In the challenging world where children are subjected to lot of temptations and negative attractions, often both parents working and they are under tremendous pressure to bring up the children to their expectation. They compare their children to the others and try to keep up with the competition. Yet others believe parenting is all about financing children’s growth and both parents are working to provide material needs! They are often unsuccessful in bringing up the children up to their expectation. Some grow up with mere academic distinction but often with shallow values, unable to meet the challenges of the world. Most parents take lot of care to vaccinate children’s body, but rarely their mind. Many parents seem to be at a loss. Unable to handle the emotional challenges and stress that parenting throws at them. Is there a way out to bring up the children without pressure? Instilling in them the right values? The workshop is designed to address some of the burning issues of parenting.

Key Topics:

  • The art of Parenting
  • Managing the Generation Gap
  • Parenting Vs Financing the Children
  • Parenting begins before the child is conceived
  • Becoming a parent Vs being a parent
  • Communication to Children
  • Talking children’s Language
  • Spiritual Vaccination for the Soul

Duration: 8 Hours