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Corporate Retreats

Executive Development Retreat

One of the key questions one need to ask oneself in life is, “What kind of person will I have to become?” rather than “What do I need to have?” in order to achieve the goals set and experience lasting satisfaction. The answer to the former question will determine the state of our life. Millions of people ask “What do I need to have? Despite having what they want many tire themselves out chasing their goal and struggling for fulfillment. The technology has improved tremendously to enhance our comforts, but happiness seems to be reducing alarmingly. What is going wrong?

The two-night and three-day retreat focus upon the whole development of the individual who juggles different roles in his life including work, family, health, social life, personal well being. The retreat empowers them with skills and technique to balance and manage their different roles.

The retreat is conducted in a conducive environment in a tranquil ambience, away from the humdrum and hectic metro. Apart from the life-transforming, self-development and management workshop, the proceedings include insightful exercises that enhance thinking ability, inner serenity. Recommendation of diet that enhances spiritual, mental and physical well being.

This approach to life makes one physically dynamic and healthy, emotionally mature and stable, intellectually sharp and insightful, socially conscious and friendly, professionally creative and competent. Above all, spiritually one is able to live from the level of Higher Consciousness.