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Inhouse Workshops

Human asset is the most valuable and most expensive asset for any organization. Yet it is the most wasted asset or resource in any organization. Simply because the human asset has not been trained as to how to manage their inner self. Self mastery and personal management is the crux of effective management and leadership. Clarity in decision, purity in feelings, sharpness in perception and dynamism in action are the hallmarks of an effective individual. These are not the characteristics that are acquired through mere academic qualifications, technical skills and years of experience alone. But these are born out of inner development of the individual, a holistic development of the personality. The workshops and seminars offered by Angajan optimize the use of human asset in the organization.

Progress and success of an organization or an individual is not just hard work and proper plans and schemes alone. Success is the homage that the universe confers upon those who care for excellence in action, value-based living and principle centered approach to life. Most corporations have educated, intelligent and capable human asset. It is one thing to have academic intelligence and ability and quite different to be able to use it in practical management. Many fail to meet their goals because lack of the wisdom to translate the ability and intelligence into day-to-day management. This is where Angajan’s courses play the role.

Many corporate leaders as their business and responsibilities grow their stress and mental pressure also increases! This impedes their clearer thinking and effective decision making. There are many people in the world in different fields of activity who are far superior skilled and talented than those who are successful and popular. Yet why do the more talented not succeed? It is due to lack of self mastery, inability to manage oneself. They suffer from the handicap of the attitude. They are unable to transform the activity into an inspired and dedicated accomplishment.

Angajan’s workshop focus upon the crucial areas of Human Capital Development, making them creatively brilliant; precise decision making; managing the mental pressure; empower them with work ethics, sound value systems, right mental attitude, nobler ambitions, powerful motivation, team spirit, leadership skills and management abilities